Weerts Group is a family-owned business active in 3 different yet complementary fields of activities: Real Estate, Logistics and Racing.

Weerts Group is headquartered in Liège, Belgium and has operations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary and Romania.


The Logistics division delivers innovative logistic services in 2 main sub-divisions: general logistics and automotive logistics.

Real Estate

The Real Estate division focuses on residential development and investment market in both Belgium and Luxembourg. In addition, it develops industrial, semi-industrial and office projects in Belgium, Hungary and Romania.


W Racing Team (WRT) offers racing services in GT and touring championships and manufactures and distributes racing cars and parts. It is headquartered in Mons, Baudour (Belgium) but operates on a worldwide scale.

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Avenue du Parc Industriel 66
B-4041 Milmort
T. +32 4 381 92 60
E. info@weertsgroup.com

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