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Weerts Group is a diversified holding and investment company

Headquartered in Liège, Belgium and with operations and investments in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom. As a family-owned group, it takes a long-term view of value creation.

The group is active in 3 different yet complementary fields of activities

The Logistics division delivers innovative warehousing, transport and logistics services in 3 main industries: Food, Household & Electronics and Automotive.


The Real Estate division is active in 4 asset classes: Logistics, Semi-industrial, Offices and Residential, in 6 countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom.


The Motorsport division offers both professional and gentleman drivers to have a taste of racing experience through W Racing Team (WRT) and has in-house capacity for racing car manufacturing through AMP.


About us

Weerts Group is a family-owned holding and investment group with investments in Logistics, Real Estate and Motorsport. These three seemingly different activities offer interesting synergies and cross-fertilization. The Logistics division is the largest division in terms of turnover and employment, and an important tenant and source of development opportunities for our Logistics Real Estate Division. Our racing activities offer the opportunity to boost both our own and our clients’ brand awareness and strengthen client relationships across Europe. It also embodies some of the values we like to share with our clients and employees: team spirit and the will to win.

Weerts Group is headquartered in Liège, Belgium and has operations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary and Romania.

Our mission is to build engines for value creation. We strongly believe that our family-owned structure, with a committed and involved shareholder, creates the ideal platform to realize our mission, provided we can reach the critical size to attract, offer development option to and so retain the best people. Our key priority is (and remains) to attract and retain a group of highly capable and motivated individuals who can help grow the company.

Our independence and entrepreneurial spirit allow us to quickly spot and seize opportunities as to continually work on significant internal and external growth opportunities. To remain independent but still work towards reaching this critical size as soon as possible, we do not distribute dividends, but reinvest all the proceeds of our ventures in our businesses and explore various partnerships at portfolio level.

Pascal Weerts
Yves Weerts
Executive Chairman

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Weerts Group’s main goal is the creation of value for its stakeholders in a sustainable manner. It has ambitious growth plans and aims to build great enterprises for generations to come. To realize our mission and show us the way forward, we want to hire the best.

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