Corporate Social

Weerts Group exists to support and drive sustainable growth and value creation in a diversified but synergetic portfolio of enterprises for the benefit of our stakeholders, which include our employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and society as a whole.

Rather than embarking on grand stand-alone corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, we try to walk the talk in terms of CSR on a daily basis in our different businesses.

The best contribution we believe we can make to society as a whole, is to create employment and economic activity in the regions where we are active.
The many initiatives we took over the last years to create an attractive working environment for the employees of Weerts Supply Chain, resulted in winning the 2020 Logistics Employer of the Year Award. This prestigious award issued by Transport Media rewards a transport and/or logistics company for its Human Resources management. We received this award for the integration of the Human Resources function in a comprehensive change management context, in a challenging social environment.

Collaboration with Social Enterprise

Weerts Supply Chain has a long-standing collaboration with the social enterprise ‘Les Ateliers Jean Del’cour (JDC)’, a Liège-based non-profit organization. In addition to our own employees, we currently offer employment to an average of 100 employees of JDC on a daily basis in our warehouses in Milmort (Liège, Belgium).

Sustainable Building Techniques

In our Real Estate division, we pay particular attention to using the latest and environmentally sustainable building techniques. Unirii View, our office tower project in Bucharest, was the first office building in Romania in May 2019 to complete the BREEAM certification procedure, which resulted in the grant of the BREEAM Certificate « Excellent » under the BREEAM 2016 version regulations, which is the most strict set of rules for new constructions.

Green Energy

Our Logistics Real Estate projects and Logistics business offer a great opportunity to invest in solar panels. We currently have an installed base of 2 MW on the buildings in use and have commissioned the installation of an additional 11 MW in the logistics buildings that are currently under or planned for construction (to be installed by Q4 2021). This exceeds our own needs, but contributes to reducing our global environmental footprint, including that of our Motorsport division.

Total yearly production of 10,122 MWh

  • Equivalent to approx. 3,500 households
  • Saving approx. 4,650,000 kilograms of CO2

Our Values

Weerts Group is a value-driven organization:

  • Respect for People:
    We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We allow for a free and transparent exchange of views and steer clear from internal politics.
  • Be Positive:
    A positive, non-judgmental, entrepreneurial attitude and solution-oriented mentality: we focus on solutions and not on problems and issues that we have no impact on.
  • Loyalty and Integrity:
    We stand by our employees, customers and partners, in good and bad times, and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.
  • A Winning Spirit:
    We want to invest in businesses in which we can grow to be a winner.
  • Sustainability:
    Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do: we operate in a very sustainable way which offers us the right framework to generate long-term economic growth. We exercise environmental stewardship and execute a healthy corporate governance.