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Weerts Real Estate

Weerts Group is a developer of and investor in logistics, semi-industrial, office and residential real estate.

Weerts Logistics Parks

Weerts Group develops state-of-the-art logistics real estate that is leased to clients including Weerts Group’s own logistics division (WSC), 3PL’s and end-users. Our own expertise as logistics operator, allows us to develop projects that are perfectly designed to meet the standards that our clients expect, on the best locations.

Our goal is to build up a diversified portfolio (target size 1mio sqm GLA) with assets that create recurring revenue and hold value in the long term.

To this effect, we entered into a partnership with an institutional investor which allows us to accelerate growth and through our asset management activities, we stay in close contact with our clients, which allows us to identify and anticipate new development opportunities.


Weerts Group started doing business in Hungary in 2016, with the development of what we call “SME units”.

The activity consists of constructing and selling smaller semi-industrial real estate units, in and around Budapest, ranging from 100 sqm to 2,000 sqm, that offer local SMEs the potential to immediately expand in the region.

In the period between 2016 and 2020 we developed and sold an average of 10,000 sqm per year. We have now secured land positions that should allow for an increase in volume to 15,000 / 20,000 sqm per year.

Weerts Offices

Unirii View is our first major office project in Romania. At circa 73 m height, Unirii View offers seamless, 360° panoramic views over the city. The vibrant feeling of its cosmopolitan neighbourhood comes alive when viewed through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Unirii View offers. 18,000 sqm of leasable area. It is now fully operational and 100% let, producing recurring rental income from 14 tenants.

Central View will be the second office asset in Bucharest with approximately 13,500 sqm of leasable area and 230 parking spots. Delivery of the 11-storey building is expected in Q4 2022.

Central View will be the most iconic class A office building delivered in Bucharest’s Central Business District in the last 20 years. It will change the view and bring a totally new perspective of Victoriei Square.


Our Residential Real Estate division is currently active in 2 countries, Belgium and Luxembourg. For both markets Weerts Group has tailored its strategy to best suit market conditions.

In the Belgian Residential Real Estate division, the focus is on building and holding a portfolio of houses and apartments in the larger Liège region, which is our home market, the market we know best.

In the Luxembourg Residential Real Estate division, the strategy, takes into account the higher purchasing power, and a clear view and policy of the government to grow the population. This results in real estate sale prices that are significantly higher than in Belgium. Therefore, our Luxembourg focus is on developing and selling.