Motorsport / October 13, 2020
Team WRT three-time champion in GT World Challenge Europe Sprint

This weekend the finals of the European GT Championship took place in
Barcelona. Ten races throughout the year, spread across four countries, have
resulted in an impressive victory for Team WRT.

Team WRT won the championship with its Belgian duo Charles Weerts & Dries
Vanthoor. Charles Weerts, at 19 years old, is the youngest driver to ever win the
GT Sprint championship in Europe. The suspense was torid until the very end,
with a difficult start of the race weekend in which an accident on Thursday
damaged the car irreparably. In the night from Friday to Saturday, the team
hastily sent another car from Belgium to allow our pilot duo to finish the race.
Luckily, this setback did not stop the two young drivers from winning the

In addition, Team WRT also won the “Pitstop Challenge”. This is a prize for the
mechanics who, behind the scenes, ensure that the cars are optimally adjusted
and that the pit stops are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. This
allows a team to gain or lose extremely valuable seconds, bringing them closer
or further from a potential victory. Our Team WRT mechanics were, over the ten
races of this championship, the fastest of all mechanic teams to change the tires
during the pit stops.

Finally, Team WRT also won the “team prize” of the championship. During each
ride, the best car of each team scores points for the Team classification. Also in
this specific count Team WRT achieved the highest number of points and is
therefore awarded the victory in this category.

This triple win in the GT Sprint Championship in Europe confirms that Team WRT
is first and foremost a team. Team spirit is central to Team WRT. We are
therefore extremely pleased that this is also reflected in our results.

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